SWMD Recovery Grant Funds Automatic Door Installation

Museum welcomes J Manny Ltd to install brand new external automatic doors

Following our success in the application of a Recovery Grant to the SWMD, the museum selected specialists from South Wales J Manny Ltd to complete the installation of their brand-new automatic external entrance doors.

The project aims were to create a much friendlier welcome for all visitors to the museum, improve accessibility for each and every one of our guests, as well as make independent disabled access in and out of the building possible, removing the physical barriers that had existed previously for disabled individuals wishing to fulfil volunteering roles and opportunities available here.

Originally, the museum had hoped it possible simply automate its existing doors. However, this regrettably was not an option without removing existing access to another of the museum’s features, its glass pavement; soon to become an out-of-hours community attraction. It was quickly realised that bi-parting sliding automatic doors were the most beneficial option as, this meant no space was lost and neither was access to any area of the museum compromised or removed.

During consultations with J Manny, the firm were also able to provide an effective solution to ensure the doors could be opened automatically for our volunteers who may be opening and closing the museum and, either need or prefer this facility.

It was with great pleasure that we were able to welcome James and Robert from J Manny to complete the installation in September 2021. Most of the local residents to Combe Down will be very familiar with the Welsh accent and, remember that this is not the first time Welsh engineers have been warmly welcomed into the village. Between 1999 - 2009, hundreds of coal miners from the former South Wales coalfields brought their wealth of expertise in underground environments across the bridge. The former miners were employed underneath the city of Bath, specifically under Combe Down, to assist and play major roles in the Combe Down Stone Mines Stabilisation Project.

Renowned for their friendly nature, we are pleased to share that this team were no exception and have made an absolutely sterling job of replacing the existing entranceway with brand new, automatic, bi-parting sliding doors.

Our greatest thanks go to J Manny Ltd for establishing independent disabled access at The Museum of Bath Stone, and our deepest thanks once again go to the SWMD and Art Fund for making this possible with match funding.