Recovery Grant Application Success

Museum of Bath Stone awarded with £4,479.00 to improve accessibility

The Museum of Bath Stone is delighted to announce its successful application to the ‘Recovery Grants’, awarded by South West Museum Development, supported by Art Fund. The museum was one of only 17 organisations awarded the Recovery Grant in 2021.

The application described the museum’s current challenges in creating an inclusive volunteering programme, after identifying a significant barrier in its ability to offer volunteering opportunities to all.

The grant provided will subsidise the cost of replacing the museum’s entrance doors with fully accessible, bi-parting automatic sliding doors, enabling touch-free and independent access for all visitors and volunteers.

The design for the new entranceway also enables the museum to maximise the space available within its entrance gallery, while maintaining full access to its glass pavement; an area soon to be developed into an all-hours community attraction.

The awarded funding also makes possible a full Accessibility Audit of the museum, to ensure accessibility and inclusion considerations remain a focal point within the museum’s wider development programme. We are pleased to be working with the CAE (Centre for Accessible Environments) who will be undertaking this audit.

With plans to review and redesign aspects of the museum’s interpretation and enhance the visitors experience in a multitude of ways, the audit promises to provide recommendations of the highest quality and ensure the museum’s new offering brings benefit to, and shares its story with, as many people as possible.

Following completion of the project, the museum will begin its new volunteering programme and is encouraging those interested to apply. Further details to be announced soon.

The Museum of Bath Stone would like to offer its most sincere thanks to the South West Museum Development and Art Fund for making these changes possible and ensuring a more inclusive and sustainable future for this museum and its story.

For more information on the Recovery Grants, visit the South West Museum Development website here: or visit the Art Fund website, here: