Museum Becomes MA Curating Partner

MA Students invited to join the museum’s curatorial developments for 2022

The Museum of Bath Stone is delighted to be offering a placement for students undertaking a master’s degree in Curating at the University West of England. The placement will be mentored by our Chief Executive, Miranda Litchfield and will run from January to December 2022.

2022 will see us review, rewrite, and redesign significant areas of the main gallery’s interpretation. Our overarching development programme is embedded with our desires to become fully accessible and inclusive and, placement students will have the opportunity to learn how to build these considerations into the visitor experience.

Additionally, we have a remit to provide resources for the local community and, the Museum of Bath Stone is home to a significant in size and recently refurbished, temporary exhibition space. Curating students will have opportunities to learn, use, and develop a wide range of skills as we ensure this space is maximised in the years to come, to the benefit of the museum and its local community.

Next year will also see the creation of new children’s activities, trails, and events, designed for a variety of ages and abilities. Placement students will be able to participate in the invention of these and more formal learning resources if they wish, as well as engage with the creation of new interactive exhibits as we enhance our current offering.

Miranda Litchfield has held senior positions across a number of museums and, has particular experience working with industrial and social history collections. Placement students will be able to learn the value of these collections to the wider world and how to communicate these to the public in a variety of formats; how the curatorial work within museums connects to a museum’s wider operation; as well as be provided with a vibrant, friendly, and encouraging space with which students can exercise their ideas, concepts, and individual curatorial approach.

If you are interested in the placement and Curating course, please contact Associate Head of Department, for further details.